Diepensteyn stud farm

History of the Belgian draught horse

Origin of the draught horse, origin of the Belgian draught horse, use of draught horses in the past and the present-day use of draught horses

PALM draught horses & Diepensteyn stud farm

In 1980 the Brabant draught horse appeared as the logo on the PALM label to illustrate that PALM has Brabant origins and derives the best from nature through tradition and selection.

Calendar of activities & what's going on

The draught horses of Diepensteyn Stud Farm are frequently in action for show rides and competitions. The calendar shows you where and when our horses can be admired.


An extensive visit to the Stud Farm, a tour of the castles in Klein Brabant or a "galloping" driving initiation? All this is possible thanks to the Arrangements including horse riding offered by Diepensteyn Stud Farm.